006 the mysterious box – part 1

On the side of the road was a box. Just sitting there. It had appeared one morning without warning.

Throughout the day, many people passed by. Some slowed down or stopped to look at the box. Some read the writing. They all appeared to hesitate and consider the possibilities before reluctantly moving on. The box waited patiently…

In the afternoon, a girl approached with two little sisters in tow. First, she noticed the symbols on the box. Why was it covered in question marks? Then she noticed that the box was sealed with packing tape. There would be no peeking inside.

When she crouched down to take a closer look she saw there was a white paper rectangle attached to the top. Her sister asked “What does it say?” Slowly she read the writing. She smiled. She knew what to do. Grinning from ear to ear, she grabbed the box, and trundled off home, eager to discover the mysteries of the box.

The above is a true account. I know this because I saw all of this unfold. I was the original owner of the box. I put the mysteries inside it. I put the box on the side of the road.

So why did I do it? What was in the box?

You’ll have to read part 2 to find out…


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